How old was Yakima Canutt in ...

The Fighting Stallion?

The Iron Rider?

Hell Hounds of the Plains?

The Devil Horse?

White Thunder?

Canyon Hawks?

Wild Horse Canyon?

Captain Cowboy?

Desert Greed?

Branded a Bandit?

Two-Fisted Sheriff?

Trouble In Texas?

Randy Rides Alone?

Sagebrush Trail?

The Star Packer?

Rough Riding Ranger?

Law and Lawless?

Pals of the West?

The Lucky Texan?

The Wyoming Whirlwind?

West of the Divide?

Blue Steel?

'Neath the Arizona Skies?

The Hurricane Horseman?

Cyclone of the Saddle?

Fighting Thru?

Outlaw Rule?

Lawless Range?

Carrying the Mail?

Two Fisted Justice?

Fighting Texans?

The Shadow Gang?

The Vanishing West?

The Lawless Frontier?

The Dawn Rider?

Wildcat Trooper?

The Oregon Trail?

Paradise Canyon?

The Man From Utah?

The Heart of a Texan?

The Desert Hawk?

Bandits of the Badlands?

Next Of Kin?

The Mysterious Pilot?

The Vanishing Legion?

Hit the Saddle?

Ghost-Town Gold?

Branded a Coward?

Ten Laps to Go?

Battling with Buffalo Bill?

Westward Bound?

Roarin' Lead?

Heart of the Rockies?

The Telegraph Trail?

Riders of Destiny?

Texas Tornado?

Avenging Angel?

Riders of the Whistling Skull?

Range Defenders?

Lightning Bryce?

Westward Ho?

Prairie Thunder?

The Shadow of the Eagle?

Riders of the Rockies?

The Last Frontier?

Gunsmoke Ranch?

The Ranger and the Lady?

Son of the Border?

Cowboys from Texas?

King of the Pecos?

The World's Greatest Stunts: A Tribute to Hollywood Stuntmen?

The Secret of Treasure Island?

The Lonely Trail?

Pioneers of the West?

Ghost Valley Raiders?

The Kansas Terrors?

Frontier Vengeance?

Shadows on the Sage?

The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand?

The Wolf Dog?

Scarlet River?

Under Texas Skies?

Heart of the Rio Grande?

The Painted Stallion?

Kansas Cyclone?

Winds of the Wasteland?

Ben-Hur: The Making of an Epic?

The Vigilantes Are Coming?

Come on, Cowboys?

Gauchos of El Dorado?

The Man from Hell?

Wyoming Outlaw?

Prairie Pioneers?


The Black Coin?

The Showdown?

The Great Train Robbery?

Nevada City?

The Lightning Warrior?

Rocky Mountain?

Santa Fe Stampede?

Hidden Valley Outlaws?

Riders of the Rio Grande?

The Texan?

The Bold Caballero?

Storm Over Bengal?

Overland Stage Raiders?

Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs?

The Night Riders?

Deadwood Dick?

Bad Man of Deadwood?

The Galloping Ghost?

Song of Texas?

The Hurricane Express?

Spy Smasher Returns?

Calling Wild Bill Elliott?

Spy Smasher?

Coney Island?

Zorro's Fighting Legion?

Calling Philo Vance?

King of the Cowboys?

Mysterious Doctor Satan?

Dust Be My Destiny?

Trailin' West?

Dark Command?

Daredevils of the Red Circle?

Rio Bravo?

For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Gone with the Wind?

Custer's Last Stand?