How old was Waise Lee in ...

The Avenging Quartet?

The Big Heat?

The Direct Line?

The Royal Scoundrel?

Devil's Love?

Mountain Warriors?

Zhong Wuyan: The Warning States Tale?


The 13 Cold-Blooded Eagles?


The Cat?

In the Line of Duty 6: Forbidden Arsenal?

Murders Made to Order?

Story of Kennedy Town?

The Great Arms Robbery?

Bullet in the Head?

Wing Chun?

Tough Beauty And The Sloppy Slop?

Inner Senses?

A Taste of Killing and Romance?

Fatal Chase?


Song of the Exile?

Pink Bomb?

Inspector Pink Dragon?

Powerful Four?

Her Fatal Ways 2?

Underground Judgement?

Oh, My Wife?

The Black Morning Glory?

The War of Loong?

God of Gamblers?

The Runner?

Shadow Cop?

Special Bodyguard 3?


Special Bodyguard 4?


Running Out of Time?

The Conman?

Zen of Sword?

High Kickers?


The Diary of a Big Man?

The Lord of Hangzhou?

Blood Stained Tradewind?

Red Zone?


Return from the Other World?

The God of Heaven and the Beast of Heaven?

The Aroma City?

Axis of War: The First of August?

Prince of Lanling: Blood Weeping Blade?

Chaozhou Gang?

Crazy Fishes?

To Be Number One?

The Legend of the Swordsman?

Crazy n' the City?

Lethal Ninja?

Task Force?

First Shot?

A Better Tomorrow?

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father?

A Chinese Ghost Story II?

A Serious Shock! Yes Madam!?

Web of Deception?

Fearful 24 Hours?

The Incorruptible?

My Belle Boss?

Chasing the Dragon?

The God of Heaven and the Beast of Heaven 2?

Lady Supercop?


The Story of Tang Bohu?


Tricky Brains?

Center Stage?

Spy Games?

His Fatal Ways?

Angel On Fire?

The Business Storm of Ruhai?

Demon Hunter Yan Chixia?

Super Bodyguard?

Mystery of Antiques: The Chinese Painting Code?

Eastern Bandits?

Colour of the Game?

Stage Door Johnny?

Girls Without Tomorrow?

Super Cops?

Fox Hunting?

Angel the Kickboxer?



The Roar of the Vietnamese?

The Four 3?

The Four 2?

League of Gods?

7 Assassins?

Death Notice?

The Four?

Kill The Monster?

Infernal Affairs III?

The Warring States?

Infernal Affairs Trilogy (Chronological Edition)?

A Queer Story?

Cold War II?

The Banquet?